Mark DeVoe is a 12 year old boy who has a retina eye disease called Choroideremia.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Angels for Mark. So much has changed since we launched this site.

Clinical Trials have begun (fall 2014), so we are in exciting times. Phase one is a safety phase and does not include children under 18.  Phase two will begin 2 years following the completion of Phase one ( about 2 years). We hope and Pray that Lil Mark is picked for Phase two.

UPDATE 2016:  We are still waiting for the FDA to approve those under 18 year old can be included in the Trials.

As always check back often, We will be scheduling many events and will report any medical updates.

Thanks again for stopping!

Please enjoy our slide show of Markie from age 6 to present. Markie has made some great friends along the way.

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